Adrian "A-Train" Roberts

Out on a ride.

Booker hosting Blue Knights at his home
in Bardstown Kentucky

In Loving Memory

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Robert "Bouncer" Broussard

Robert "Smitty" Smith on his Blue Knight Special

The Chapter's

Eternal Light

will always burn

bright for our





Bill "Wild Bill" Abel at BK gig
Tony "The Door" Roth
Out on a ride.


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International Past President

Jim Burgess

Great and close friend of IL. 13

Connie Spalding-Mroz

Lorraine "Peanuts" Daughty at BK BBQ

Terry Mason selling 50/50

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Heaven One Page

Lynn & Susie Demming

1995 International Convention

Don & Charlene Castleberry Hanging Out

Chaplin Dennis Yehling - 1986                                                       William "Wild Bill" Abel - 1994  

Robert "Smiity" Smith - 1998                                                         John F. Edwards-1999           
Susan Demming - 1999                                                                  Bob “Bouncer” Broussard – 2001
Connie Spalding Mroz – 2001                                                       Tony "The Door" Roth - 2001 
Lynn Demming - 2002                                                                    Founding President Bob Rizzi – 2003 
International Honorary Booker Noel - 2004                             President & First lady Don & Charlene Castleberry - 2005 
Mascot Lorraine “Peanuts” Daughty - 2013                              Past President Terry Mason - 2014
Adrian "A-Train" Roberts - 2014                                                  International Past President Jim Burgess - 2017