Robert "Bouncer" Broussard

Lorraine "Peanuts" Daughty at BK BBQ

In Loving Memory

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Heaven One Page
Tony "The Door" Roth
Out on a ride.

Terry Mason selling 50/50

Adrian "A-Train" Roberts

Out on a ride.

Connie Spalding-Mroz

Robert "Smitty" Smith on his Blue Knight Special

Don & Charlene Castleberry Hanging Out

Booker hosting Blue Knights at his home
in Bardstown Kentucky

International Past President

Jim Burgess

Great and close friend of IL. 13

Chaplin Dennis Yehling - 1986                                                       William "Wild Bill" Abel - 1994  

Robert "Smiity" Smith - 1998                                                         John F. Edwards-1999           
Susan Demming - 1999                                                                  Bob “Bouncer” Broussard – 2001
Connie Spalding Mroz – 2001                                                       Tony "The Door" Roth - 2001 
Lynn Demming - 2002                                                                    Founding President Bob Rizzi – 2003 
International Honorary Booker Noel - 2004                             President & First lady Don & Charlene Castleberry - 2005 
Mascot Lorraine “Peanuts” Daughty - 2013                              Past President Terry Mason - 2014
Adrian "A-Train" Roberts - 2014                                                  International Past President Jim Burgess - 2017


Lynn & Susie Demming

1995 International Convention

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Bill "Wild Bill" Abel at BK gig

The Chapter's

Eternal Light

will always burn

bright for our