10/17/2015 clubhouse

Ken Hahs & Dave Clark

in the DJ Booth


and Shout Out



For Putting on and Hosting

a great event.

Charity Fund

Blue Knights L. E. M. C.

St. Louis Metro-East

Wood River Illinois 62095

Hanging with the Boyz from Illinois could be habit forming!

18th Annual Homecoming

June 16, 2018

Present IL. 13 - IL.14 - IL. 21 - IL.22

19th Year of the ANNUAL HOMECOMING

Club Breakfast Ride 6/25/2017

2015 Homecoming - 15th Annual

Hosted by Illinois 13 - Wood River

Belk Park, wood River Illinois

Club members at Patriot Guard Poker Run


John Gaglarido

wins wheelbarrow full of booze

Responder Rescue Dinner 2017

Illinois 21 hosted this years event at Lake Lou Yeager Litchfield Illinois

IL.13 - Wood River IL.- MO. III  Metro-St. Louis -IL. 14 - Belleville IL.

IL. 21 - Litchfield IL - .IL. 22-Carbondale IL.- IL. 11 (Chicago) & IL. 19 (Chicago)


Donation being

made by chapter!!

April 2016 Meeting

10/17/2015 clubhouse

The Board of Directors invites

you to join us.

This event was started as a way for all the chapters that have spun-off Illinois 13 over the years and has been a great success each year. This year was no exception with 8 chapters in attendance and over 50 people present.


May 15, 2019 FUND RAISER

for Lee Culp - IL. 13 member

IL.13 - Wood River IL.

MO. III - Metro-St. Louis 

IL. 14 - Belleville IL.

IL. 21 - Litchfield IL.

IL. 22-Carbondale IL.

MO. 4 - Bland MO.

MO. 9 - Cape Girardeau

MO. 7 - St. Louis

MAY 18, 2019

2015 BackStoppers Annual Banquet

It was a great turn out by our brothers and sisters. Plus the citizens of Gilliespie Illinois

John Gagliardo

Receiving 30 Year Pin

April 2016

Charity Fund

IL. 11

IL. 14

IL. 21

IL. 22

MO. 3

MO. 7

A thunderstorm made it's way through around 3:30PM, but the day was great and the food and beverages were flowing freely.

Until next year......everyone be safe and Ride with Pride!

Warned ya! Yep I did.

Smile you may be on camera!

Dave "Bear" Aumend

Receiving a  Certificate of Appreciation

for his years of service as Secretary of IL. 13

All rights reserved and restricted by the Blue Knights International and St. Louis Metro-East Chapter - IL. 13

Dave Clark's House 10/19/15

Chapter Meeting

Bob "Mad Max" Sampson

Hawgs for Hounds Benefit 2015

Tim Sampson/Carol Sandrowski

Sharon Smith/Howard

Bob & Cindy Sampson, Dave Clark, Lee Clup

John Gaglarido & Tim Sampson

PATRIOT GUARD RUN - Granite City 9/24/16




After Chapter Meeting at clubhouse

Ah....what up

with this?

GLRC 2017 Galesburg

Chapter Member Artez Hardin

earning his SNORT TEAM patch

at MWRC Spring 2019 Conference

in St. Louis hosted by Missouri 3


Hanging with the Boyz from Illinois, IL. 13, can be habit forming.

Attending Chapters

17th Annual Homecoming

2019 Responder Rescue Dinner

with sponsors of our tournament

November 2015 Meeting at clubhouse


After Chapter Meeting at clubhouse

16th Annual Blue Knights Homecoming

  • LMFAO - Party Rock is in the house tonight [www.tigrica.wen.ru]4:05

The Crew with St. Louis Cardinal Martinez at the Tsumi Wave Benefit at Smokey Joe's - 9/16

Tim Sampson receiving his 30 pin

a member since 1986

Chapter members hanging out after

the February 2017 Meeting

Everyone had a great time and we all enjoyed renewed friendships

Illinois 13 -Wood River

Illinois 14 - Belleville

Illinois 21 - Litchfield

Illinois 22 - Carbondale

Illinois 26 - Galesburg

Missouri 3 - St. Louis

Missouri 4 - Bland

 Dave Clark, Lee Clup John and Rhonda Gaglarido & Lana Hahs


Receiving 30 Year Pin

April 2017

MAY 20, 2017

Bob Sampson

Receiving 30 Year Pin

April 2016